15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses 2022

Crochet bags and purses are trendy because of their eclectic designs. They are also really versatile and can be used for many occasions. If you’re looking for a free crochet pattern for boho bags and purses, you’ve come to the right place!

You’re going to love the fabulous Boho bags and purses I’ve discovered and listed here. They’re all really cute and unique and look like a lot of fun to make! Which one will you make?

Are you looking for another crochet project? If you’re looking for more crochet ideas, these patterns may interest you too!

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How do you crochet a boho purse?

A crochet purse pattern is typically in a rectangular shape or a round shape. You will likely go back and forth in rows if it’s rectangular. If it’s circular, you will need to count carefully and increase your rows to make the circle bigger and bigger.

We have a few crochet tutorials on some common crochet stitches used for purses as well including single crochet, half double crochet, slip stitch (sl st), slip knot, and more.

Finally, you will also likely need a tapestry needle to seam two pieces together, often with the whip stitch. You may also need extra yarn to add fringe to the front of the bag for a hippie look!

15 Creative Crochet Patterns for Boho Bags and Purses

You’ll quickly learn that crochet bags and purses are so fun to make. The boho charm is an added bonus!

1. Crochet Fringe Clutch Purse Pattern

This crochet fringe clutch purse from Salty Pearl Crochet is impressive! It does look like a lot of fringes, right? But the project only takes a few hours, including crocheting, cutting the fringe, and attaching it all one strand at a time.

Crochet pattern by: Salty Pearl Crochet

awesome boho bags and purses

2. Bohemian Fringed Crochet Bag

Even a free spirit needs to keep her essentials nearby! This bohemian purse is really impressive and so cute. Your friends won’t believe you made it!

Crochet pattern by: Make and Do Crew

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

3. One Skein Boho Bag

This crochet bag pattern took just one skein of the Benat Home Decor yarn and is a quick project perfect for anyone who does craft fairs. It would add variety to your inventory without taking too much of your time.

Crochet pattern by: Crochet Dreamz

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

4. Crochet Fringe Bag Pattern

This crochet bag pattern by Handy Little Me Knits was designed with those spring/summer festivals in mind. It is large enough to hold your essentials; phone, money, lipstick, etc. You could adapt the strap or bag body size to your own specifications, for instance, making the strap shorter or adding some sort of fastening to close the bag.

Crochet pattern by: Handy Little Me Knits

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

5. Bamboo Boho Bag

With this bamboo boho bag, you’ll have a chance to use a variety of colors if you’d like. It’s the perfect size for holding your wallet, phone, and chapstick.

Crochet pattern by: Ohana Boutique

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

7. The Boho Tassel Bag

The BOHO Tassel Bag by Persia Lou is excellent! It’s perfect for warm weather and takes at least three hours to make, but it is totally worth the time! There is nothing better than to be able to say, “I made this!”. The bag straps are a cute addition and easy to assemble with a strap of leather, rivets, rings, and a hammer.

Crochet pattern by: Persia Lou

awesome boho bags and purses

8. Aztec Boho Crossbody Purse

The Aztec Boho Crossbody Purse is really a cute crochet purse but also has leather (or, in this case, faux leather) details to it. So this is totally the ultimate boho bag and a great pattern for the advanced crocheter to tackle. This stylish product will make you so proud when you complete it!

Crochet pattern by: Meg Made With Love

awesome boho bags and purses

9. Urban Gypsy Boho Bag

The Urban Gypsy Boho Bag from Make & Do Crew is really awesome! It offers 2 strap options, either a crocheted strap or a leather strap, both equally amazing!

Crochet pattern by: Make & Do Crew

awesome boho bags and purses

10. Boho Market Bag

This boho market bag by Nanas Crafty Home is big enough to take to the market but not so big you can’t use it as a purse if you choose to line it. It also makes a great craft bag or WIP bag! The bottom of the bag is pretty big, so you can carry a water bottle or other heavier items.

Crochet pattern by: Nanas Crafty Home

awesome boho bags and purses

12. Crochet Summer Shoulder Bag

If you would like a bag with a simple design with cute stitches, then check out this summer shoulder bag. The entire bag can be stitched in just a few hours and uses less than one skein of yarn.

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

13. Crochet Tote Bag

This tote bag is the perfect beach bag or market bag for summer. This crochet bag is relatively easy to crochet, and the striped details are unique. Stitch it up quickly before or during your summer vacation and bring everything around during summertime.

sinum bag crochet pattern design

14. Cotton Crochet Bag

This cotton crochet bag is very handy and features a lovely lace stitch and a sturdy round crocheted base. Cotton yarn is great for crochet tote bags like this one, as it’s quite durable and easily washable.

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

15. Crochet Shoulder Bag

Useful yet stylish, this is a quick and easy crochet shoulder bag that you can make in no time. It’s great for going to the farmers market, using it as a crochet project bag, and just an everyday tote bag.

15 Awesome Crochet Boho Bags and Purses

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