22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

Are you looking for free corner to corner crochet patterns? We’re sharing a few crochet projects including beanies, shawls, blankets, pillows, and more!

Many of the C2C patterns have a square or rectangular design. You can make home decor projects like blankets or pillows as well as garments and other items of clothing.

There is a lot of amazing corner to corner crochet patterns out there and it’s no surprise at all! It’s such a basic technique, yet it makes each project look unique, especially if the pattern calls for diagonal rows.

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Top 22 Free CSC Crochet Patterns

You’re going to love the great Corner To Corner Crochet Patters I’ve gathered for this crochet roundup. Many of these patterns include step by step instructions as well as c2c charts to help you complete each pattern. The great crochet designers have definitely inspired me!

women wearing crochet wrist warmers and matching cowl

2. Dimensions Shawlette

This shawlette is inspired by the handloom crafts of India. It’s an opportunity to revive the beautiful forms of art in the country via crochet! This geometric colorwork shawlette can be easily paired with any dress to keep you warm and comfortable all day.

Crochet pattern by: Naughty-Knotz

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

3. C2C Zipper Pouch

The C2C Zipper pouch is a great crochet pattern to try when you want to learn corner to corner crochet. It can be made in just one evening, and you only need some leftover yarn.

Crochet pattern by: Winding Road Crochet

three colorful zipper pouches made from a corner to corner crochet pattern
woman wearing a striped crochet beanie with a fuzzy pom-pom on top
black and white throw pillow made from a crochet pattern

6. C2C Winter Shawl

This shawl is a great corner to corner project! The diagonal stripes make for a great design. If you know how to increase the shawl row by row, then you can make this one with ease. Would be a cozy shawl to snuggle up in!

Crochet pattern by: Winding Road Crochet

crochet shawl with striped colors in different shades of blue

7. Heart C2C Hat

This crochet hat featuring C2C is absolutely adorable! The small squares and fuzzy ball come together to make a great hat to keep you warm.

Crochet pattern by: Nana’s Crafty Home

corner to corner crochet beanie with a heart-shaped design
22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)
Photo credit by Nana’s Crafty Home

9. C2C Throw Blanket

Crochet pattern by: Heart Hook Home

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

10. Arrow Print Rug

Another great crochet Corner to Corner (C2C) idea for the home. This rug is amazing and would make the perfect gift to use as a doormat, shower mat, or rug in your kitchen!

Crochet pattern by: Left in Knots

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

11. C2C Cowl

Here is another wonderful C2C pattern by Left in Knots! Infinity scarves like this one are cozy and fashionable and really easy to crochet.

Crochet pattern by: Left in Knots

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

12. Vintage Fall Truck Blanket

Here is what makes C2C patterns really fun–you can make artistic images just like this fall truck. This blanket is the perfect fall C2C project that you can lay across your sofa.

Crochet pattern by: Left in Knots

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

13. Geo Crochet Pillow Cover

Another fun crochet pillow using the Corner to Corner technique! This pillow has a lot of depth and texture so it makes a great home decor item that you can make yourself.

Crochet pattern by: Stitching Together

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)
22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

15. Easy Crochet C2C Blanket

This C2C pattern is a perfect crochet project for beginners, especially if you’re familiar with the single crochet and double crochet chains. MJ’s includes a video tutorial to help you get more familiar with the C2C technique so head to her blog to check it out!

Crochet pattern by: MJ’s Off the Hook Designs

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

16. Scrappy Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

With this blanket pattern, you have the opportunity to make good use of a ton of scrap yarn. Bring your favorite colors together without worrying about weaving the ends together!

Crochet pattern by: My Poppet

four crochet afghan blankets stacked on top of each other on top of a green stool

17. Corner to Corner Heart

If you’re looking for something unique, then check out this crochet heart that could make a great wall hanging or small rug! The corner to corner method is used to create a pretty heart design. You can use one solid yarn color for the yarn or use different colors to create a blended heart design.

Crochet pattern by: Crochet in the Sun

corner to corner crochet pattern that features a colorful heart shape

18. Easy C2C Crochet Baby Blanket

If you’re looking for a gift to make for a loved one’s baby shower, then this baby blanket is a great idea! This easy pattern looks so soft and comfortable, and the diagonal pattern is very pretty.

Crochet pattern by: Em’s Fiber Arts

corner to corner crochet baby blanket with pink and cream colored yarn

19. C2C Crochet Kimono Sweater

The c2c crochet technique can look challenging at first glance but this kimono sweater is actually rated as an easy skill level. Using the C2C method, you make different sections of the sweater. Then you attach them all together to make the sweater!

Crochet pattern by: Make and Do Crew

woman wearing a crochet kimono made with a corner to corner crochet pattern
Striped crochet blanket with bright blue, green, white, and gray colors

21. Across the Way Crochet C2C Blanket

The Across the Way pattern is a crochet c2c blanket worked with a cluster stitch to create a rectangle baby-size blanket (you can adjust the size to your preference).

Crochet pattern by: Made by Gootie

22 Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns (C2C)

22. Corner to Corner Dragonfly Blanket

The detailed design is so fun to look at! This blanket is one of the more challenging patterns on this list but the instructions are very detailed. Follow along carefully and you’ll see the dragon flies appear as you complete each row!

Crochet pattern by: Pattern Paradise

corner to corner crochet blanket with cutouts that resemble dragonflies

Did you enjoy this list of corner to corner crochet patterns? You can find more crochet pattern collections on our blog!

I also hope you found a pattern here to inspire your next project – or maybe more!

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