5 Months and 24 Crochet Dishcloths

Crochet Daffodil Scrubby

The practical item for crochet is dishcloths. The form of washing and cleaning is a sense of renewal for some, a PITA for others. Truthfully speaking, I really enjoy doing dishes.

Here at home, Daniel is a very messy cook. A great cook, but very messy with every pot and pan and utensil out. In our home and one of the best elements of our relationship is the give and take of our roles at home. Being a unique relationship, we don’t have the stereotypical assigned roles of what Partner 1 and Partner 2 are expected to do. While in straight relationships, many people have found their own way and go against the grain of old family values ​​the roles of family values. Essentially beating to their own drums. You can leave me a comment about things at your home.

We see things in balance. If you are willing to eat the food, you can at least do the dishes. We have a rule in driving, one of us will drive to the location and the other one drives back. It’s about balance.

I love a good purge of what cleaning can offer. The idea of ​​throwing things out that are just building up but I am not an obsessive cleaner, neither of us is. However, when we feel the urge to clean, it’s very satisfying. I have found using the Scrubby yarn by Red Heart to be awesome for bathroom cleaning to get the oils from our skins off the shower wall and tub.

Daniel Cooking
Daniel Cooking
Mikey's Spring Crochet Gnome
Mikey’s Spring Crochet Gnome. You can see the rolling sweeper in the background if you look carefully.

Being on social media, we have to keep our house somewhat clean as the background can be picked up in photographs. Of course, having a large dog presents challenges with dog hair. Vacuuming weekly feels like sucking up a cat each time I dump the bin.

Be sure to only use 100% cotton or plastic-based like Red Heart Scrubby items for dishcloths as the dishcloths need to be washed and dry out. If you use acrylic or animal blend yarns, the item will not last and acrylic will mold out as it hangs onto water longer than cotton.

Gallery of Dishcloths

You can click any picture to get the free pattern now. Matching tutorials as they release will be under this gallery.

Mike’s Tutorial Notes

Whenever I need to create materials to help demonstrate, I call them my Tutorial Notes. In this section are tutorial notes I made that are available for print or free download that doesn’t appear in the written instructions. These primarily are crochet diagrams when I need to showcase the steps more carefully.

Tropical Flower Crochet Diagram
Tropical Flower Crochet Diagram


Each week until the beginning of September, a new tutorial will be added to our YouTube Dishcloth Collection. For those videos, the free patterns are linked in each of the video descriptions. Not all videos are available from a left-handed perspective.

See the above gallery for links for each written pattern. Videos will be added as they are made and ready with the dates listed below.

Textured Blocks Dishcloth

April 1st Launching 2 PM ET

Red Heart Dishcloths Bouquet

April 5th Launching 2 PM ET

Red Heart Tropical Flower Scrubby

A crochet diagram was used in this tutorial and is available above. This was not part of the written instructions and was created for demonstration purposes. It’s the Tropical Flower Crochet Diagram.

April 12th Launching 2 PM ET



Red Heart Circle Scrubby

Week of April 17th

Lily Sugar’n Cream Sailor’s Knot Dishcloth

Week of April 24

Bernat Standard Dishcloth

Week of May 1st

Lily Sugar’n Cream MOD Gingham Dishcloth

Week of May 8th

Red Heart Maple Leaf Scrubby

Week of May 15th

Red Heart Patriotic Star Scrubby

The Crochet Crowd is Canadian has no affiliation with American politics. This is filmed for our USA community.

Week of May 22nd

Red Heart Here’s My Heart Scrubby

Week of May 29th

Red Heart Flip Flop Scrubby

Week of June 5th

Lily Sugar’n Cream Braided Square Dishcloth

Week of June 12th

Lily Sugar’n Cream Right Stripe Dishcloth

Week of June 19th

Peaches and Creme Wiggles Dishcloth

Week of June 26th

Peaches and Creme Green Scrubber

Week of July 3rd

Red Heart Floral Popcorn Scrubby

Week of July 10th

Lily Sugar’n Gingham Dishcloth

Week of July 17th

Red Heart Palm Scrubby

Week of July 24th

Red Heart Patriotic Elephant Scrubby

The Crochet Crowd is Canadian has no affiliation with American politics. This is filmed for our USA community.

Week of July 31st

Red Heart Patriotic Donkey Scrubby

The Crochet Crowd is Canadian has no affiliation with American politics. This is filmed for our USA community.

Week of August 7th

Red Heart Daffodil Scrubby

Week of August 14th

Lily Sugar’n Cream Textured Lines Towel

Week of August 21

Red Heart Mitered Dishcloth (Long Narrow)

Week of August 28

Red Heart Flower Granny Square Scrubby

Week of September 4th

More Dishcloths

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