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All our tree blocks are done! Time to sew together our quilt top. In this blog post you’ll find instructions on how to cut and sew the strips for the sashing and border of the quilt.

New here? Welcome!

This blog post is part of the One Two TREE Quilt Along. This is a free QAL where you will learn to confidently quilt your quilts yourself with free motion quilting and ruler work quilting.

First we sewed 16 trees and those trees we will use as a canvas to quilt a different pattern in each of them. We’ll take it slow and start with the very basics. Want to join in? Start here and read more about the Quilt Along and the Fabrics and Materials.

Materials needed

To finish your quilt top you will need 40 inches x width of fabric (WOF) of your background fabric. You could also use a different color if you like to ‘frame’ the tree blocks. But in all images from the QAL you can see my quilt tops have the sashing and borders in the background fabric.

Video instructions

In this video I’ll talk more about what to do when your blocks aren’t all the same size. A short recap of what I explain in the video:

  • When some blocks are a little narrower then they’re supposed to, no problem, no need to adjust that.
  • When some blocks are shorter then they’re should be, go ahead and add a strip in the background fabric to the top of the block to make it as high as the other blocks.

cutting fabric

In the cutting scheme below you can see how to cut all of the strips from the fabric.

This is a little bit different then what I showed in the video. In the video I use 40.5 inches of fabric, and with this cutting scheme below I only use 37 inches of fabric. So you’ll have less fabric waste when you follow this blog post 🙂

You can start with the longer strips. For this you leave the fabric folded double on your cutting mat, the fabric will be about 22 inches high.

You can fold it in half when you’re working with a smaller cutting mat, that will leave your fabric about 11 inch high. For this, fold the fold in the fabric toward the selvadge edge of the fabric.

Square up the side of the fabric. This means you cut a tiny strip from the side of the fabric to make sure the edge is straight.

Cut ten strips of 2 1/2 inch x WOF. We will use these to go in between the rows of trees and around the quilt as a border.

Then use the left over fabric to cut twelve strips of 2 x 15 1/2″. These will go in between the trees to sew them in to rows. If your trees turned out a little taller or shorter, you can alter the 15 1/2 inches to fit the height of your trees.

Sewing the top together

Start with sewing the twelve strips in between the trees. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance. The sashing between the blocks should turn out 1 1/2 inch wide when you’re done.

Now you can sew all the 2 1/2″strips together in to one long strip.

From this long strip you’ll cut five strips that are as long as your rows are wide. Just measure your rows and cut five strips that match that size.

Sew three strips in between the rows. And then one above and one below the rows.

The quilt top is now almost finished. You only need to add the border to the left and right side of the quilt. For this you measure the height of the quilt on the left, in the middle and on the right. If all is well, these will measure about the same height. Cut two strips that match this height (or take the average and use that as you measurement).

Sew the strips to the left and right side of the quilt and you’re done!


Now the quilt top is done we need to make a quilt sandwich. That means putting together a backing, batting, and the quilt top.

For this quilt I used a thin bamboo batting. This batting is very light and soft. That will make quilting the quilt easier. It is easier to move around a light weight soft quilt under your machine than a heavier stiffer quilt.

You can find batting and kits for the backing of the quilt in the Sugaridoo web shop.

For the backing of the quilt you can use the Happy Scrappy backing I designed for this quilt along. Hop over to this blog post to find the pattern.

My favorite method for basting a quilt is with spray basting. In our previous quilt along I wrote a blog post with instruction on how to spray baste your quilt. You can find it over here.

In the video of this blog post I’ll also show you how I basted the quilt for this quilt along. But the instructions are the same as for the previous QAL.


Yay! You are all set to start quilting your quilt! Well almost. Next week, on March 17th I’ll be back to go over the thread and needles I use for the quilting. Then on the 31st of March we will start quilting the first two trees.

Time for a giveaway!

Now we assembled our quilt tops it’s time for a give away. BERNINA will be giving away 3 times a Mettler thread box. And I will give away 3 times a Sugaridoo curated fabric bundle.

Garenkoffer Mettler actie

Would you like to win? All you need it the following:

Finish the quilt top and post a picture before the 25th of March 12pm CET.

There are two options to post a picture:

  • Post a picture of your quilt top on Instagram, tag @Sugaridoo and use #OneTwoTreeQAL on that post.
  • Or upload your picture to the community section on the BERNINA blog. When uploading to the BERNINA community section make sure to select “One Two Tree QAL” from the dropdown list.

We will draw six random winners from the entries and publish the winners on March 31st in the first blog post on quilting our quilt. The winners will also be announced on the Sugaridoo Instagram feed and in the One Two Tree Facebook group.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait to start quilting our quilt!

See you soon

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