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Look, it’s no surprise that bad things happen to even the nicest people. And trust me: the people who work here on Atlas Drive at MDK are the nicest people in the world (except that ONE and SHE KNOWS WHY). So when our webshop started acting squirrely last weekend—some customer’s orders went through without a hitch; some tried a dozen times and never had success—there was a lot of hand-wringing and discussion about karma and wait, was this payback for me taking that last piece of rhubarb pie the other night at dinner?

(SIDE TOPIC: It’s rhubarb season; talk about it amongst yourselves.)

It’s always a mystery whenever this sort of order-system hiccup happens. The thing that worked perfectly one second ago now does not work at all. We don’t take the big magic beep-beep box (server, whatever) and leave it out in the rain overnight or anything. It’s not unplugged. The shop possum isn’t curled up on top of it. In fact, we do not even know where the magic beep-beep box is, so we can eliminate a hardware error on our part as the problem. And trust me: we are too busy looking at cabins on Airbnb to have accidentally re-coded anything or accidentally pressed delete or whathaveyou.

(SIDE TOPIC #2: If you have a pet-friendly A-frame cabin in the woods available for the second week of October, CALL ME).

No, things just happen. Systems on one end of a transaction find something they do not like about the systems on the other end and that’s about all the explanation anyone can ever provide. Gee, thanks, science!

We do try to detect patterns that repeat when people email that they’re having trouble. Certain browsers in combination with certain devices can be trouble, especially if the browsers aren’t updated (always update your browser!). But detecting the pattern and shouting”J’accuse!at it isn’t really a solution to the problem (though it is fun and tension-releasing and super French). Eventually, we have to contact our mysterious web elves, who hammer out a solution as quickly as they can.

Try This

We wish order-placing errors never, ever happened, but when they do, there are a few things you can try to get around any error messages that might pop up during the process:

  • Definitely try placing your order using a different browser. If you normally use Safari, try switching to Chrome or Firefox or Explorer or Gladys or ClickyClicky or whatever other ones are out there—who can keep up?
  • Another trick is to try placing your order on a different device; this time around, a lot of people had success switching from a laptop or tablet to their phones.
  • Another thing that works is to just … wait a little bit. That’s maddeningly vague, but sometimes whatever the problem is debugs itself. It’s an internet mystery, like whatever the hell TikTok is.

(SIDE TOPIC #3: Do not tell me what TikTok is.)

Thanks for your patience while we worked through it; I’m hopeful that by the time you read this, it’ll all be figured out and skeins and skeins of yarn are on their way to you. But it’ll happen again—it always happens again!—so you should probably go ahead and get a tattoo of these hot tips for ordering purposes.

A Giveaway

The prize? All the fixings for rhubarb pie, er a Cushest Cowl to join us for #hellobriocheMDK! One skein each of Atlas in Leek and Mouse, plus a copy of Field Guide No. 21: Brioche.

How to enter?

Two steps:

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