Atlas Insider: Go Granny Go!

I have discussed before that my profit for finishing projects is less than stellar. I’m starting to realize that this may be a pattern in my life. For instance, why would I commit to only eating, loving, and CHERISHING chicken tenders when I could also eat, love, and cherish the Old Timer’s Breakfast at Cracker Barrel? These are things we shan’t question.

Doing one thing for too long can make me antsy—it’s more the allure of the new rather than exhaustion with the old. It’s the excitement of a new meal, a new song, a new project—that buzz you get when you are planning out your colors of yarns or your fabric or your beads or your dipping sauces for chicken tenders. Novelty just gets my heart a-pumping.

I have no less than four major knitting projects in full swing right now. A couple of color-regurgitating, crayon box sweaters that are partially finished, a deep blue cotton shawl, and my Garter Stripe Shawl turned king-size blanket has been steadily growing since 2019.

“so of course she DECIDED tO LEARN how to crochet,” thinks Rose.

SO OF COURSE I DECIDED TO LEARN TO CROCHET. (Don’t worry, Ann and Kay know.) My great-grandmother was a crocheter, and before she passed away to the Yarn Store in the Sky, she crocheted many a shawl for the ladies of the family.

I decided my first crochet experiment would be granny squares in Jill Draper Windham Minis. It took me three or four squares to get down my tension and my flow (still struggling with tension, to be honest). But once I started to memorize the stitches and muscle memory kicked in, I was in the granny zone.

The instant gratification of these babies was *chef’s kiss* divine. I swapped colors when I felt like it (often) and matched colors that were awkward (something I love to do) and just let my hands do the rest. A lot of Law and Order: SVU went down during those granny squares, let me tell ya.

I’m still working on stitching all my granny babies together, but I PROMISE I’ll finish it this time.


Regardless, I had such a great time making these and it allowed me to feel connected to a craft that has been in my family for decades. As much as I will always love and be inspired by ultra modern art and design, there is something about a traditional craft that just resonates with my soul. So—before I start something else—let’s go crochet!

A Super Special Crochet Giveaway

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Thanks to the folks at Abrams, we have five copies of My Pretty Brown Doll: Crochet Patterns for a Doll That Looks Like You by Yolonda Jordan—publishing on May 24!—to give away:

My Pretty Brown Doll offers patterns and teaches the crochet techniques to create a charming crochet doll, with skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and outfits that are customizable to match the young person, proving that there are endless possibilities to make these dolls unique. Amigurumi is the art of crocheting or knitting traditionally small dolls. My Pretty Brown Doll teaches readers how to make both real and imagined characters. Yolonda Jordan’s patterns prove that every doll can be a true reflection of its owner’s dreams and ambitions. In her introduction, Jordan writes, “I specialize in crochet doll designs that embrace the pretty in every shade of brown. I aim to explore the art of crochet in a way that celebrates the magic of the African American experience.”

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Two steps:

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Step 2: Crocheters, represent! Let us know in the comments what you’re making. If you’re crochet-curious, author Yolonda Jordan includes basic skills instruction in My Pretty Brown Doll, so for a chance to win, let us know in the comments about a crochet pattern that’s got you … hooked.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, May 29, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw random winners from the entries. Winners will be notified by email.

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