From Ball to Project from Seed to New Life

Gardening In Nova Scotia Since 2020, I have been including more outdoor time in my life. While gardening is Daniel’s passion, for me, it’s pretty to look at but balancing cyber time with real-time is always a challenge. Watching the plants develop is very much like taking a ball of yarn and watching a project … Read more

Ear piercing is the next fun retail trend

You don’t have to go to the mall anymore to get your ears pierced. While teenagers in the past may have gotten theirs pierced at the mall, the service seems to be one that retail a number of big-boxers think holds promise. Claire’s continues to offer the service with its certified piercing specialists. Although, unlike … Read more

Crochet Felted iPad Carry Case Cover Pattern

Crochet Felted iPad Carry Case Cover Felted iPad Case This is the felted version for this fabulous Crochet iPad Bag. Follow the directions below for the sizing and then felt it afterwards to size it nicely to your iPad. Definitely a great pattern to work up for keeping your tablet nice and safe when it’s … Read more

Market insights: Analysis of 500 brands reveals gaps that retailers can turn into competitive advantages

Retail marketing is undergoing a reinvention. Between consumers’ growing demands and shrinking patience for brands that fail them, it’s a prime season for fast-acting retailers to outperform competitors. Discerning next steps is easier when you know what peers and competitors are doing — particularly what they’re doing well. With that in mind, Sailthru partnered with … Read more

Crochet Lucky 7 Baby Blanket

DOWNLOAD PDF FREE PATTERN Crochet Lucky 7 Baby Blanket Lucky 7 Baby Blanket by Jeanne Steinhilber Crochet Lucky 7 Baby Blanket is an easy filet, from the middle blanket that works up easily, perfect for those spring and summer newborns. I used Bernat® Bundle Up™ yarn for this lovely blanket. It is OEKO-TEX® certified, and … Read more

Crochet Beach Bag Pattern

Create your own oversize beach bag using an inexpensive yarn. The straps of this bag were designed to be extremely long. Usually, when people go to the beach they are lugging with them a beach chair and other miscellaneous goods. This design allows you to throw the bag over your shoulder and wear your bag … Read more

Best Books for Soil and Environmental Microbiology

1. Microbial Ecology: Fundamentals and Applications (4th Edition) 4th Edition by Ronald M. Atlas (Author), Richard Bartha (Author) Staying current in a discipline where advances are defined by methodological developments can be a challenge – that’s why more people choose Microbial Ecology over any other resource available. The fourth edition features enhanced coverage of hot … Read more