Color Explosion Throw: Done and Done!

Dear Kay,

Two blankets. I can’t recall ever finishing two blankets at once, but here we are. This Color Explosion Throw, a highlight of Field Guide No. 20: Marls, has been a straight-up joyride from start to finish. Both times.

Blanket the First: Rowan Felted Tweed

I made one Color Explosion Throw using our Cool colorway bundle of Rowan Felted Tweed. I assigned the colors as shown here—I don’t think it matters much how you order them.

I snapped some pix as I worked the three-needle bind-off that connects the four strips of this blanket. After all, it’s one of the great engineering moments in knitting. Also MDK Rule No. 83: No knitting goes undocumented.

When it comes to picking up stitches along the edges, the selvedge stitches make picking up a breeze. Nine stitches per color block. So satisfying! Thanks, Cecelia Campochiaro, for making this edge so easy.

I made my stitches pretty loose, out of concern that my seams might end up snugging up once I did the three-needle bind-off.

Here you see two circs, each one holding the stitches picked up along the edges of two strips that are about to be joined together forever and ever amen.

With wrong sides facing each other, and a cup of coffee, off we go. The third needle here does the work: put it through one stitch from each needle, knitwise, and knit them together. Next, do that again. You have two stitches now on your right needle. Bind off one stitch from the right needle. You’re left with one stitch on your right needle. Repeat the knit-a-stitch-from-each-needle-together maneuver, which puts a second stitch on your right needle. Bind off one stitch.

Repeat this a jillion times.

The meditative rhythm of this is extremely pleasant.

The bound-off stitches form a decorative ridge.

This is a fantastically sturdy seam. And because I took care not to snug up my bind-offs as I went, it lays flat. Take your time and remember that this is all part of what makes knitting our favorite thing to do.

Hats off to Allison Volek Shelton for cooking up this Cool colorway. I really loved watching the collisions of color—soft shades and the occasional wild combo. It hangs together so well. We have these mighty bundles in the Shop—save 10% off the single-ball price, free US shipping, yippy!

Blanket the Second: Jill Draper Mohonk Light

I actually started this Color Explosion Throw first, in a fever last fall after encountering our dwindling inventory of one of my favorite yarns, Jill Draper Mohonk Light.

I grabbed 11 colors with absolutely no thought and dove in.

I used a US size 8 (5 mm) rather than the size 9 (5.5mm) specified in the pattern. Result?

The supersproingy and delightful character of Jill Draper’s yarn is in full view.

My one superimportant MDK ProTipTM: spit-felt your ends as you go. For the love of wool, spit-felt them! I remembered to do this only after doing two strips with dangling ends, and it was a game changer.

Mohonk Light is chewier than the Felted Tweed.

We’ll have more of Jill’s yarns back later in the year.

What a marvel, the three-needle bind-off. Who thought this thing up?

It’s good to watch that your squares line up as you go.

If you want to plan ahead for an extraordinary, amazing, fabulous knitting experience, this yarn is your ticket.

Kermit believes this blanket is a sentient being. He sits with his new friend all the time. It’s kind of funny.

Needless to say, I have a new blanket on the horizon. Always be blanketing, right?



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