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the crochet slouchy beanie This is a great crochet pattern for a quick crochet hat pattern.

This crochet has no edge, but you can easily create one by folding the bottom edge out.

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How to crochet a slouchy hat

To crochet this slouchy beanie all you have to do is crochet a rectangle. Then you collect it into a beanie by closing with a fabric needle on the short edge to create a tube. Finally you will press the top of the beanie to close it.

What makes a slouchy beanie is the length of the beanie from the front to the top of the beanie. The longer it lasts, the more slouchy the beanie will be. The suggested length or hat height to create a slouchy beanie varies from 7 to 9.5 inches, depending on the size you’re making.

The final technique used in this slouchy hat is the fact that two colors are used, but you can easily change it up to use just one colour.

crochet hat calida design

crochet hat yarn

Suggested yarn for this slouchy hat pattern is Naturgarn from Filcolana. It is a super warm yarn and perfect for winter wear.

To make this crochet hat, you can replace it with any extra bulky yarn of about 6.

Make sure you create the correct size by measuring the circumference of your head and also testing the scale.

Honestly, you can also substitute with thinner yarns, such as worsted wool yarns. However, you will then have to increase the number of stitches and rows you use in your crochet to achieve the correct size.

Materials needed Kaleda hat

Quick Crochet Slouch Hat Pattern

The slouchy crochet beanie is the perfect quick crochet beanie that you could almost say is a one hour beanie.

Made of 100% wool yarn, it is very comfortable and warm.

The suggested way to crochet this hat is to use two colors in two separate sections, however you can also create stripes by switching colors often.

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How long does it take to crochet it?

The time it takes to crochet varies depending on your skills and how quickly you crochet. But that’s not a helpful answer, is it?

Well, I have developed a spinning calculator to help you get the answer to this question.

This will help you calculate exactly how much time you will spend designing a project.

All you need to know is how much yarn you are going to use in the project whether in meters, yards, or skeins. Then crochet your test square and timing it.

Calculate how long it will take to crochet.

Crochet Slouchy Beanie Pattern

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Free slouchy beanie pattern

Brief slouchy hat crochet pattern

The slouchy crochet pattern is a pattern for a warm winter hat. This beanie style size ranges from 12 months to adult size.

Put this to use and keep yourself warm throughout fall and winter.

With an easy stitch pattern, this is a fun and fast pattern. Create this as a crochet gift or as an amazing first crochet hat.

crochet hat calida design

skill level

Materials for a slouchy crochet beanie

How much yarn is needed for a slouchy crochet hat:

2 skeins / 14 oz / 400 < 1 skein of 2 different colors of yarn. Approximately 1-2 skeins total. 100-150 g / 100-150 m / 108-163 yards.


Measured in a crochet stitch pattern in rows:

9 stitches and 8 rows per 10 cm / 4 in.

crochet hat calida design

Crochet Pattern Notes

  • This crochet pattern is written in American terms (more details).
  • All measurements given are not prohibited.
  • Note that the measurements are given as accurate as possible. But the tension and technique of crochet may give variations in the result, changing from person to person.
  • Read the pattern instructions carefully before you start to make sure you understand everything. It may save you hours!
  • Make a stand measuring at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch that the gauge is provided for. If your swatch matches the scale, you’re good to go. If the gauge is wrong, you may need to change the hook. Go up in the crochet hook size if your stitches are smaller and go down in the crochet hook size if your stitches are bigger (more details).
  • Check the yarn info if you want to find a replacement or test your yarn against the gauge (more details).
  • This pattern is written for seven sizes, where the numbers for the different sizes are given in parentheses such as: 12-18 months (18-24 months) 2-5 years (child) teenager (woman) man. If only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. I recommend that you outline or circle the size you’re drawing before you begin, to make it easier to follow the pattern.
  • At the end of each row, the number of stitches is given in parentheses.

Sizes and Measurements

Crochet Slouchy Beanie Pattern

Size Notes

  • Head sizes vary, take measurements to find the one that fits you best.

Size Adjustments

  • Note: Any size adjustments affect yarn usage and you may need more/less yarn than suggested.
  • Make the circumference of the hat wider by adding additional stitches before you start Row 1, adding/reducing 3 stitches at a time.
  • Adjust the height of the hat by adding/decreasing the number of rows you use to crochet.


Crochet Slouchy Beanie Pattern


Ch = String (tutorial) (tutorial)

continued = continued

prev = previous

sc = single crochet

sk = skip

sl st = slip stitch

st = stitch(s)

yo = spinning

The stitches used in the crochet pattern

Bubble Pattern (BP):

The bubble pattern is crocheted in one stitch and one stitch will be skipped. Each bubble pattern contains 2 stitches.

1. The bubble.

2. Series.

Written description: * Draw a loop of the following stitches, yo, draw a loop of the same st, yo, pull the thread through 4 loops on the hook, ch 1, sk 1 st *, repeat from * to *.

*Start each row with sk 1, because the ‘bubble’ will always go into a ‘bubble’ when knitting in rows.

See the tutorial here.

Techniques used in the crochet pattern

Change color with different colors on different rows:

When working with different colors on different rows, you’ll never finish the last stitch in the last row in one color, with the color you’re working with.

Do all the stitching steps, then leave the last step without work. Yarn with the color of the next knitting and pull the threads through.

Repeat this with each row you change colors to make the color changes look beautiful.

crochet hat calida design

crochet hat instructions

This hat is crocheted from the bottom up, with the rows rotating and then stitched together.

If you want to change the same color as the hat pictured: the main color, color A is used until 10 crochet rows have been drawn, then you will use color B.

Chapter 29 (33) 35 (39) 41 (43) 45 stitches.

row 1: Sc on 3rd st from hook, sc 1 on each ch st of row ch, turn (= 28 (32) 34 (38) 42 (44) st).

Grade 2-16 (17) 17 (18) 18 (19) 19: ch 1 (counted as 1st st), BP in each st of the previous row until you have 1 st left, sc 1 in the last st, turn (= 28 (32) 34 (38) 42 (44) st).

Connect and cut the yarn.

Finishing and assembly

  1. facing the wrong side. Using a needle, stitch the side of the beanie.
  2. Still working the needle, pull the top of every other stitch into the top of the hat with the same tail of the yarn, in such a way that it is possible to pull it tight after going through these stitches.
  3. Tighten the thread tightly and tie it.
  4. Connect all the threads and weave at the ends.
  5. Make a pom-pom if you like to sew.
  6. For extra warmth, knit the hat’s fleece fabric.
crochet hat calida design

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