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Find a free stitching orange pattern for a man in this blog (it’s a kind of neck warmer, you can put it on the head, or wear a beanie). On a cool sunny afternoon we are going for a nice walk and need warm winter clothes. So do men! Think of your husband, boyfriend, or brother,… what a sweet gesture you would give someone!

The orange can be worn in many ways and is actually a multifunctional hoodie. I sewed the reinforcement on the overlock, I used a BERNINA L 460. You find more information about the machine here.

Bernina's 460th photo.


BERNINA overlocker L 460 delivers up to 1500 stitches per minute and guarantees beautiful and flexible stitches. The BERNINA L 460 is the ideal overlock/serger for the innovative dispensing of knitwear.

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What if you don’t have an overlock machine? No problem, any BERNINA sewing machine will do the trick. Choose a narrow zigzag stitch for the seams, this will make the seams elastic, if you are making this polishing for children, you can change the width of the fabric to 50 or 55 cm, depending on the age of the child. If in doubt, take a larger size, you can always adjust it.

orange sewing supplies

  • Ribbon of heavyweight stretchy yarn (fleece or sweater fabric, two sides right) 60cm wide (layers included), approximately 23cm high. It is red in orange.
  • A strip of medium weight stretch fabric (like T-shirt quality) 60cm wide and about 33cm high.
  • A round piece of spandex, 21 cm long. It will serve to close the polished as a cap on top of the head.
  • Matching thread Mettler Seralene is the perfect overlock thread, if you do not have the right color for orange, you can also use Mettler Seralene sewing thread. voor de draad die naar de naalden gaat.


Prepare the polished parts:

Overlock the longer side of the red-brown cloth. Do this with the right side up. I think a 4-thread wide (8mm) stitch is nice. Take a short stitch of length (1,75). Try the differential feed first, you will see if you have to adjust the MTC (small thread control. If you have loops over the edge of the fabric, pull the MTC lever up (towards -). If the fabric is pulling together under a stitch, pull the MTC handle to +.


Secure the threads at the beginning and end of the seam:

Sew a 5 cm chain, then sew a few stitches on the fabric, raise the front of the foot (with the knee raised, it is also called the Free Hand System FHS). Take the string that you sewed and place it under the foot pedal toward you. When you pull the threads, you can make the chain stitch longer and over the threads. They are stuck in the new overlockstitch with the cloth.

At the end of the seam, you will turn your work over and sew again on the same seam for a few centimeters to secure the stitches, then cut and sew the threads by hand.

sew orange parts:

Pin both the red and brown parts along the long edge, right sides together and over this seam. Locking stitches at the beginning and end. Take the pins before you sew on them…

Fold the fabric to get ready to sew the side seam. You’ll take the shortest side of the fabric and pin the right sides together. You are making a cylinder with cloth.

Lay both overlap seams on a different side to avoid a thick seam.

Make a knot at both ends of the elastic. Place the rubber band between two layers of fabric (the knots are about 1/2 inch from each other). They come on a lightweight stretch fabric, which is brown in color) Place it about 2cm from the end of the fabric. You will be sewing the knots apart with the machine, it prevents the elastic from slipping away.


Close this seam without cutting the fabric or thread into the previous sewn seam, and secure the stitches on both sides.

When I opened the glossy, I saw that one end of the rubber bands was not sewn well. As eyeliner, I made a new knot and sewed it using the sewing button on foot #18, so I used a sewing machine for a few stitches, even though it wasn’t meant for that.

Picture of button sew on foot #18.

Sew button on the foot #18

Button-Sew on Foot #18 is the perfect tool for easily sewing buttons, snap zippers, eyelets and embellishments.

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You’ve finished your endurance and it’s ready for that cold winter walk!

Orange stitching for man, free pattern - man scarf stitching - man hat stitching

There are different ways to wear the coat:

Orange stitching for man, free pattern - stitching beanie for man

Orange Stitching for a Man Free Pattern Hope it helped you make one!

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