From the Strawberry Patch…: December Discoveries

This season! It’s been a busy few weeks here; Those full of happy days, lots of busy times and joyful discoveries related to the holidays. I’ll start with a striving Christmas cactus. This plant belongs to my mother-in-law. He wasn’t in the best shape when she brought him here to live after cleaning her house over four years ago. I did nothing for her, except for the weekly watering. It should be re-breed and given some life-enhancing nutrients, for sure. However, here it comes, and reminds me again that it will flourish, albeit a little … despite the carelessness. this was lovable A treasured discovery and reminder of a precious member of our family, someone who will always live in our hearts, but especially at Christmas.

this was sweet Discovery; The two best things: mint and chocolate. If you miss this season, look for it next year. From what I understand it’s only available at Target and it sells out fast! you are welcome.

I no longer burn many scented candles at home; Something I used to do a lot, but now I’ve switched, almost exclusively, to essential oil diffusers. Except for this candle. It’s a new scent, ‘Merry Berry’, from Holiday countdown collection. I’ve been burning this in the kitchen every day during December, it’s a Tasty A find that brings a rich, berry-filled scent throughout the home reminiscent of mixed berry pie bread. It’s even more special between the decorative Christmas quilt-shaped plate and the shade that was an old gift from my mother.

right Now a surprise Discovery, at least for meThis Christmas it is an undeniable fact that as much as things change, they stay the same. I’ve been crocheting cross stitch for a tree all those decades ago and today, I’m completing a new collection, once again, this year. I never expected to pick up cross stitch again, I left those drapery and charts behind and carried on, or so I thought! Thanks to Quiltkeemosabe, and her encouragement, I was directed toward new fabrics, techniques (sew more than two on woven linen) and patterns. Styles and finishing techniques may have changed, but my enthusiasm for the hobby did not wane a little, much to my astonishment and happiness.

a Glorious This year’s discovery is the pure white Christmas rose. I found it, of all places, at Trader Joe’s. I absolutely love Hellebores, and I have some types of Lenten roses, which thrive in my perennial garden. I am looking forward to planting this outside after the flowers fade. A dear friend, many years ago, alerted me to this variety, but I forgot all about it until I saw these for sale outside the grocery store, on the sidewalk, last week.

In conclusion, another one. That’s really unexpected Discovery! Visiting my parents this fall, I took this photo from the floor as she peeked out of the skirt around the bottom of the sofa. I had never seen him before and my mother had no idea how he landed there. This is me, Christmas 1956, I was three years old. The photo was taken at the Community Store in my hometown. (My eyes went straight to that locker of strings on Santa’s right shoulder! The combined ice cream cups are eaten from a flat wooden spoon attached to the bottom of the package.

I wish you all the happiest of Christmases, as one is teeming with discoveries both great and small, those that are beautiful and sweet and delicious and amazing and glorious and unexpected; And above all, I wish you peace!

Life is good!

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