Have Sewing Space, Will Sew!

If you’re just starting to discover sewing as a creative expression, chances are you’re still using your dining table as a sewing board and dreaming of having your own workspace. There’s nothing wrong with turning your dining room into your sewing space, but believe me, having an organized sewing room will inspire and inspire your creativity to keep flowing.

So if your dining room table contains the concepts of fabric and sewing more regularly than plates, foods, and wine glasses, it’s time to consider dedicating your own sewing space. Find a space in your home and turn it into a single space and it doesn’t really matter how big it is. What matters most is how you organize your space to get the most out of it.

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Let’s say you choose a sewing space in your home. The first thing to do is set your boundaries, which means making your sewing room off-limits to children and pets (see Tips for Sewing with Toddlers). When you start arranging your sewing space, it is very useful to try it bearing in mind that the idea here is to become very productive. Remember that where you place your cutting and sewing desk, ironing board, and other sewing supplies is very important.

Plus, if your studio only has a simple overhead light, have a floor lamp to illuminate your cutting table and ironing board area. Proper lighting is critical when sewing and there is no need to strain your eyes and make sewing time less enjoyable. For other convenience and safety tips, please review our sewing machine safety guidelines.

Sewing machine safety

I know that being creative and organized doesn’t always come together because when inspiration strikes, the potential consequences will be a sewing space with concepts and fabrics scattered around. Let me just say that there is creativity in the organization as well. If you start looking for organizers where you can store sewing concepts and fabrics and find a place for them in your sewing space… you’ll understand what I mean. Think S-shaped pegboards and hooks for cutters, scissors, and rulers, or a pretty wooden string rack on the wall. The magnetic knife rack is also a great idea for seam rippers and sewing legs. Clear glass jars for buttons and ornaments are also practical. Finally, think of your space as a work of art and you’ll want everything to be in its proper place most of the time!

Here are some ideas for organizing buttons and small concepts to keep your sewing space neat and tidy. You will also be glad that you know where everything is and can find things easily. Click the image for the full article on these sewing storage ideas.

Small sewing tools and supplies storage ideas.  Some are very practical, some are very elegant, and for some, buying a custom item works best.

If you’re having a hard time finding space for hard storage bins, you might try using clear vinyl project bags specifically for your buttons. These packages well away and allow you to see what button options you have without posting everything.

Finally, storing and organizing your fabric, especially as your stash grows — and always will be if you really get into sewing — can be a real challenge. This is one of the best ways we have found to organize and store a lot of fabrics. The method keeps your inventory clean and safe and you can find what you need almost immediately.

More ideas on how to fold and store your canvas stash so you can enjoy looking at it even more :-)

In short, an organized sewing space should be able to utilize every part of the horizontal and vertical wall space it contains. It should allow you to have enough space to spread out your patterns and be able to stack your fabrics in a way that you all see for future use. Along the same lines, you should be able to keep smaller sewing notions in clear storage containers and keep all tools close at hand and ready to use. Another very important thing to consider is your lighting because it has to be suitable for all the cutting and sewing you will be doing. Now, if you keep all of these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a sewing space that will allow you to make the most of your sewing time.

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