How to Make a Cross-stitch Valentine’s Day Card

Who doesn’t love a simple DIY stitch pattern for a Valentine’s Day card? This is the perfect project for beginners or if you have a short time. Or if Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you (no one should know 🤫). And as anyone who follows me on Instagram (kplicanic) or at knows, if I can combine needle arts, paper crafts, and graphic design, well. . . This is 3x the fun!

Of course, no card would be complete without an envelope, so I’ve also included a template to create your own, Plus Ornament template for adding paper hearts in three different sizes. (Big rewards: If you have a cutting machine, I’ve included the heart-cut and envelope-cut SVGs as well!) Ready to get started? I’ve got you covered with step-by-step 3-pieces, so follow along to create something special for your little one! 💖

Materials for making cross valentine’s day card:

  • Downloadable pattern and template
  • Card stock in coordinating colors (8.5 x 11 inches for card, 12 x 12 inches for envelope)
  • Two-tone embroidery floss (DMC 353 and DMC 3831 shown here)
  • embroidery needle
  • Punch-friendly surface for punching holes through card stock (yoga mat, folded tea towel, coaster, cork substrate, etc.)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Adhesive (glue stick, masking tape, etc.)
  • bar (not shown)
  • Pencil (not shown)
  • Bonus: If you have a cutting machine, the download also includes SVG files that are cut out for envelopes and hearts

DIY Cross Stitch Valentine Cards Materials

Steps to make a valentine’s day card cross stitch

Step 1: Print

Make sure the scale is set to 100% and print the cross stitch pattern on the white card stock. (If your printer refuses to print on card stock like it does mine, just print on plain paper and use a glue stick (or masking tape) to secure it to card stock. It works like a charm and I won’t tell a soul. 😉)

You will see that the hearts templates are on the same page. Just put them aside for now. We will return to those later.

Step 2: pruning

Using the included crop marks, cut the card to the final size of 4.5″ x 4.5″.

DIY cross stitch Valentine's Day card trim

Step 3: Poke holes and stitch

Lay the trimmed card on a soft surface (such as a towel, cork board, etc.) and use an embroidery needle to make holes in the corners and intersections of each X. (It goes faster than you think and is more forgiving than you might think. Expect. It may be helpful to use a thimble or, in In my case, I used the cork from an empty wine bottle to press the needle. Another excuse for wine, think of all the cards you can sew! 🤣)

Finally, separate the six individual strands of embroidery floss and use three to stitch each letter into one of two colors.

DIY Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Card Get ready and stitch

Step 4: Finish the back of the card

Cut the red card stock to 5″ x 5″ and stick to the back of your finished card.

DIY Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Card Poke Stitch Holes

Now that the card is sewn, you’re ready to make the coordinating envelope. Once you know how easy it is to make, it helps to be able to make your own out of any 12″ x 12″ piece of paper.

Steps to Make a Coordinating Envelope for Your Cross Valentine’s Day Card

Step 1: Envelope template printing and assembly

Make sure the scale is set to 100%, then print the two-page template. Cut the two pieces as indicated and tape the two pieces together to create a full size template. When finished, cut out the shape of the envelope.

(If you have a cutting machine, you can use the included SVG crop file. Just be sure to check that the result lines are set to “Record” and not “Cut.” Or just delete them if you prefer a palm-sized recording.)


Step 2: Trace the pattern and cut out the envelope

Trace the design onto 12″ x 12″ paper and cut out.

DIY Cross-Stitch Valentine's Day Card - Envelope 5x5 inch

Step 3: Fold and Seal

Fold both sides (the shorter) where they are marked, then fold the bottom appendage up and use the adhesive to hold it in place. Insert your card and close it with a kiss. 💋 (or a sticker. or some washi tape.)

DIY Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Card Fold and Seal

To polish up your creativity, add a final touch with some paper heart embellishments. They’re super fun and easy to sew, making it easy to whip up a whole batch. You can make additions and hang them in windows, use them as cake toppers, in gift bags, or stick a bar pin on the back and have a brooch. Versatile! I love to make bouquets and distribute them to everyone, especially the coffee maker at my favorite coffee place. It’s a very easy way to spread some cheer.

Steps to decorate your Valentine’s Day cross card

Step 1: Cut and trace the hearts

Now it’s time to go back to the printed heart templates from before. Cut them out and trace their shapes on coordinating paper. Trace as many of each size on as many different colors of paper as you like, then cut them all out. (If you have a cutting machine, the downloadable pattern pack includes an SVG cutting file to make this even faster.)

DIY Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Card Tracing

Step 2: Stacking and Stitching

Layer the hearts as desired and stitch them directly down the middle of the pile from top to bottom. (If you’re not machine sewing, pre-punch the holes using the same technique as the cross-stitch card, then sew together using a backstitch.)

DIY Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Card - Decorate with Stitched Paper Hearts

Step 3: Fold and install

Fold the hearts along the stitch line (so the center is down and sides are up) and glue them to the back of the envelope.DIY Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Card

I hope you enjoyed this cross pattern Valentine’s Day card and your boo enjoys receiving it. Tag @kplicanic on Instagram to show off your final card and let me know how it went. 🙌

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