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I love the look of the checkers, checkers, and quilts, but I don’t like sewing them together. There, I said so. Ha! The ‘Seamless Knitted Quilt’ blanket features pretty checks, but doesn’t have any seams. Hooray!

See the free full pattern below, or you can choose to buy a file Ad-free printable version From Etsy here, or the collection from Lion Brand here.

This curtain!! Dense weight yarns are a great compromise between worsted and bulky wool. You still get a good, comfortable curtain, but it works really fast too. So intimate.

This is definitely a project that catches your eye, but it’s easy and soothing as there are no crazy hard stitches.

There are many of us who would rather not have to seam, and for those who love to sew, I wish I were you! Some of you may remember when I was part of an Afghan travel project here, where we made a beautiful blanket made of several knit squares. If you don’t mind closing up, or if you like to work the squares individually (so fun and easy to carry in your bag) definitely check out this project too!

Well, let’s go back to today’s style made in one handy piece. Quilts are trending at the moment, so this is my quilted version. Again, it’s so much fun because it really piques your interest, but it’s simple.

How about this fabric? Seed stitch and stockinette squares make a great contrast.

You can definitely make this blanket in any size you want. If you follow my pattern exactly as written, you’ll end up with a small throw, lapghan-sized. This is my fave size because it’s so versatile. Throw it on the sofa, or even toss it in the car on a road trip. If you want to scale it up or down, go for it! It can be a lovely baby or toddler blanket, or even a great blanket for a crib. I’ve included instructions in the Notes section on how to adjust the size if you’d like.

Nice and clean edges.

What yarn do you use for a seamless quilt blanket?

This was made using Lion Brand Hue + Me, which I’ve now been able to use on a few projects. Honestly, the cute heavyweight #5 is pretty cool to work with, but it’s hard to find! I’m really happy that this is the new go-to for my big needs. Lots of great colors to choose from, and a nice weight.

Many of you know that I tend to use very bulky yarns for blankets because I’m impatient and want them to run fast lol (here and here for example). Heavyweight is still faster than lightweight, but it gives you that look and feel of slightly lighter blankets compared to super blankets.

Extra small woven quilt (seamless).

What color do you make of yours? The Arrowwood color seemed very comfortable to me and was actually sold out when I first wanted to use it for a jacket a while ago. Luckily for me, it’s back in stock and I can use it for this “quilt”. It’s a warm, warm color that is sure to be noticed. I can imagine this is gorgeous in so many colors!

So, let’s get to this fun style!

Remember, you can see the free pattern below, or you can choose to purchase the ad-free and printable version from my Etsy store here.


Quilt-like checkers and checkers are the rage right now, and this beautiful woven blanket will keep you on trend. No need to tie multiple squares together because this blanket is knit in one piece. With just three stitches, you’ll create a variety of woven squares reminiscent of quilt squares or basket weave patterns. It’s easy enough for adventurous beginners and relatively quick to make with chunky yarn!


7 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Arrowwood Chunky #5 yarn 137 yds/skein 125 g/skein

The pattern uses about 820g Comfortable set available here in many color options

US Size 15 (10 mm), 36 inches or longer, circular knitting needles (the blanket is flat woven)


Stitch marks (optional)

Textile needle to weave in the ends

size (approximate):

One Size: Small Throw / Lapgan

46 x 46 inches

(Adjust the length by repeating the pattern until the blanket reaches the desired length. Consider your yarn needs.)


Approximately 10 cutters and 13 rows in 4″ x 4″ stockinette

Style notes:

This blanket is knit from top to bottom, in one piece. The pattern calls for circular needles to comfortably hold all the stitches on the needles, but keep in mind that the blanket is knit flat.

You’re going to repeat two sections and that’s very simple! Section 1 contains a row of squares, alternating between stockinette squares and regular stockinette squares. Section 2 contains a row of alternating stockinette squares and seed stitch squares. Feel free to use the stitch markers at the beginning/end of each square to trace the stitch pattern being worked.

The pattern uses garter stitch, seed stitch, stockinette stitch, and reverse stock stitch.

To adjust the length, simply follow a repeating pattern until your blanket reaches the desired length. If you want to make it wider, throw in more stitches to add more squares. In order to follow the pattern as written, cast enough for two more squares, or another 32 stitches. The number of squares across (width) should be an even number, and each square has 16 stitches. Enjoy!

Abbreviations (US) and Skills:


R – purl

u – stitch

sts – stitches

RS – right side

( ) – repeat

Knitted seamless quilt pattern

Cast on 114 stitches

The needle count remains the same throughout the pattern.

Beginning of the edge of the lace

Grades 1-14 Your love every street across the row.

Then proceed to Section 1.

Section 1 – Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette Squares

Optional – place markers can be used as needed via the pattern

grade 1 K9, *P16, place mark, k16, place mark, repeat from * to last 9, k9. RS

Grades 2-22 of Section 1 Repeat row 1 of section 1.

Then proceed to Section 2.

Section 2 – Stockinette stitch squares and seeds

grade 1 K9, *K16, place mark, (p1, k1) over the next 16 sts, place mark, repeat from * through to the last 9 incisors, k9.

Class 2 K9, * (k1, p1) over the next 16, place mark, page 16, Place Marker, repeat from * across to last 9 incisors, k9.

Grades 3-22 of Section 2 Repeat rows 1 and 2 of section 2.

Next, repeat Sections 1 and 2 in this order two more times each 6 sum Sections. Your blanket will have 6 cross squares and 6 squares when finished.

Lace edge end

Finish with 14 rows of knitting stitches to match the edge of the first tie. Cast and weave at the ends. Yay! This is!

Nothing’s better than snuggling up in a cozy hand-knitted blanket.

I hope you like this seamless quilt, my friends! If you love the texture in your blankets and haven’t seen a Fall Cuddler or Winterland Throw, you might like it too.

Have a fun and relaxing time as you make this knitted quilt!



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Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% of my own.

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