My Favorite Color is Moda – Block 20

It’s the last block!

Can you believe we are all the way through the blocks of My Favorites Color is the Moda sampler? Weren’t we just cutting fabrics last week? This month we sew Block 20, which is the last die of the pattern and another large finishing size at 27 inches.

Just because we’re past the blocks doesn’t mean you can still continue with the project! My favorite color is Moda Patterns available through your local quilt store, and many continue to make the project, or will be able to help you with your color choices! We’ll have another post in January to talk about finishing and some quilting ideas, and a look at what we’ve all worked on this year.

Noticeable: Style corrections at the end of this post.

This block was split into the Trading Post Bella Solids color way.

Trading platform CT MFC 20

The belas used in this colorful way are: Espresso * (9900280), Chocolate * (9900 41), Spice (9900293), Amber * (9900292), Cocoa * (9900 180), Tan * (9900 13), Latte * (9900245 ), Eggshell* (9900281), Lagoon (9900270), and Mink (9900430). Fabrics used in this designated block *.

Since it’s December, and working on this set while also thinking about everything he needs to do for the holidays – wouldn’t it surprise you that there’s such a thing as a wreath in shape? Or maybe a pile of big happy ribbons.

With that in mind, I started playing around with some of our holiday fabrics instead of solids, to see what kind of wall hanging wreath we could make, and loved the results! A separate tutorial download is available here – My favorite color wreath.

Since it makes sense to vary the fabric needs just a little for a simpler one-time project from your stash, or from picking a quart of fat at your local store, a separate instruction sheet makes sense. This version of the block needs only 6 ½ ft ft for the top, plus a ¼-yard peg and approx. 1 yard for backing. Maybe “my favorite wreath is Moda”?

CT MFC Home Suite Holidays

Home Sweet Holidays by Deb Strain.

This version captures striking in-line poinsettia prints and a more farmhouse look with black and white gingham, for a cheerful poinsettia-inspired wreath instead of the usual green.

CT MFC 20 Hustle and bustle

hustle and bustle by BasicGrey.

The greens in this line are so lush, that’s what made us think of a wreath!


star flower christmas By Create Joy Project.

The watercolor prints in this font make for a more modern look on the Christmas palette in green, red, and aqua.

CT MFC 20 Red Barn Christmas

red barn christmas by Sweetwater.


A look at this month’s templates in every Bella color avenue:

CT MFC Block 20 Colors

Be sure to share your sewing progress with the hashtag #MyFavoriteColorisModa on social media! We love seeing what everyone else is doing, whether they’re using our Bella colors or something of their own.

Happy stitching!

I wish you a very happy holiday and we will see you in January 2022.

For the PDF of this post – my favorite color is the Moda Block 20.

To see the posts for the first seventeen blocks – my favorite color is MODA


MFCIM Style Correction Notes:

  • For all blocks, the final sizing measurement is the size once the block is sewn into the quilt (after the seam allowance is taken out). An 18″ x 18″ finished block will measure 18.5″ x 18.5″ when the pieces are completed but not sewn into the finished quilt.
  • Block 17: In the Assembly section, the third block reads correctly that you should use cloth 1 and 6 to create the HST. However, the thumbnail for HST shows the incorrect fabrics, and should be green and pink for fabrics 1 and 6. All cutting instructions are correct for the block.
  • Block 18: In the Assembly section the thumbnails of the block components are true, but the fabrics listed for each are false. The first thumbnail needs canvas 1 and 9, and the second thumbnail needs canvas 8 and 1. All cutting instructions are correct for the block.

We will continue to list any pattern corrections in these blog posts for your reference.

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