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And there she is, the final tree in our forest. We have made 12 trees so far, today it’s time to make four more. Did you see the trees on Facebook and Instagram? It’s like we’re making one big quilt on the #OneTwoTreeQAL hastag on Instagram, it looks so cool!


Today we will make our last tree friend Olivia. Olivia has many friends in the forest where she lives. The squirrels like to play hide and seek behind her big green leaves. Mister fox always brings her the latest new from the fields around the forest. And old lady owl likes to take a nice long nap in the top of her branches during the day. Olivia also loves to predict the weather forecast. Not that she minds the rain, or the sun, or the wind for that matter, it’s just nice to know what to expect you know?

In this blog post

In this blog post you’ll find the foundation paper piecing pattern for Olivia. You can find the instructions for this technique in the blog posts about our first block Flynn.

Besides the pattern you’ll also find the fabric requirements and the placement of the Olivia blocks in an overview of the quilt.


Are you able to keep up with making all the trees? If not, don’t feel stressed. There is still some room in the schedule to catch up.

On the 10th of March I’ll share the info on assembling and basting your quilt. In that blog post you’ll also find all you need to know about the halfway giveaway.

On the 17th I’ll be back with information on preparing for the quilting part of the QAL. After that there will be a one week break to catch up. Or to admire all the hard work that you’ve done so far!

On the 31st of March we will start quilting our quilt. Until we start quilting, hang your quilt top somewhere you can see it so it can brighten up your day 🙂

New here? Welcome!

This blog post is part of the One Two TREE Quilt Along. This is a free QAL where you will learn to confidently quilt your quilts yourself with free motion quilting and rulerwork quilting.

First we will sew 16 trees and those trees we will use as a canvas to quilt a different pattern in each of them. We’ll take it slow and start with the very basics. Want to join in? Start here and read more about the Quilt Along and the Fabrics and Materials.

Fabric requirements

You will need the following amount of fabric to make one Olivia block. This block measures 11 x 15 inch, 11.5 x 15.5 inch including seam allowance.

  • Tree 20 x 18 inch (50 x 45 cm)
  • Tree trunk 4 x 8 inch (10 x 20 cm)
  • Background fabric 8 x 12 inch (20 x 30 cm)
Fabric kits

When you’re working with a rainbow fabric kit for the QAL you will make Olivia with the following fabrics: Papaya, Peony, Candy Green en Clover

When you’re working with the Green/Teal kit you will make Olivia with the following fabrics: Jade Green, Glacier, Parrot and Chartreuse.

When you’re working with the Orange/Pink kit you will make Olivia with the following fabrics: Azalea, Pomgranate, Orange and Papaya.

Quilt overview

This is where Olivia will be placed in the quilt. Now the quilt is completely filled!


Here is the link to download the pattern for Olivia. Go ahead and print it true to size. Select ‘do not scale’, or set your printer settings to ‘scaling: 100%’. To check if you printed the pattern the correct size you can measure the one inch square.

The finished block measures 11 x 15 inch, 11.5 x 15.5 inch including seam allowance.

Let’s start sewing

You can now start making the sections of the Olivia blocks just like you did with the Flynn block. There are also three sections for this block. Make sure to past all the pieces of the pattern together before you trace your pattern to freezer paper. All three sections are in two pieces on the pattern.

Don’t get discouraged when something turns out a little wonky or upside down. Sometimes it’s just time for a little break, a nice cup of tea. Take a deep breath and try again!

Putting the block together

Now you’ve finished all the sections you can put the blocks together. First sew the bottom parts together, sections A and C. Then sew section B to section AC.


And there is your Olivia block is finished! Don’t they look cute together?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. You can share your trees with the hashtag #onetwotreeQAL on Instagram of share them in the Facebook group. I’d love to see how your Olivia trees are turning out.

I’ll be back in two weeks to sew our quilt top together!

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