How to Make a Cross-stitch Valentine’s Day Card

Who doesn’t love a simple DIY stitch pattern for a Valentine’s Day card? This is the perfect project for beginners or if you have a short time. Or if Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you (no one should know 🤫). And as anyone who follows me on Instagram (kplicanic) or at knows, if I … Read more

January |

I love January. Photo by Country Living Sam Trombino. Maybe not snow – I agree I like the idea of ​​that more than the reality. But when I think of January, that’s the image that comes to mind, perhaps because this kind of winter scene evokes a sense of hope, renewal, and rebirth. Leave it … Read more

How to Upcycle a Jacket into a Pillow

A couple of months ago, I found a great silk/cotton blend fabric. I immediately thought of the December home cushion. Red fabric would be great for the holidays. This fabric is not sold as yardage. I was saving and it was actually a jacket. This jacket was beautiful and very well made but outdated in … Read more

Free Crochet Slouchy Beanie Pattern • Baby

the crochet slouchy beanie This is a great crochet pattern for a quick crochet hat pattern. This slouchy little pattern is very popular, especially because of the texture that the stitch pattern creates. This crochet has no edge, but you can easily create one by folding the bottom edge out. How to get this crochet … Read more

Planning To Quilt |

How do you make a quilt? Block block, stitch by stitch. Even “Quilt In A Day” took a while, and there was a plan. If you could schedule it, how long would you sew each week? Will it be an hour a day, two days a week? Or is the better question, “When are you … Read more

Knit Coat Pattern – Mama In A Stitch

This “Big Knit Cardigan” pattern is super simple, has a big cut and is super cozy! It’s easy enough for newbies, dare I say, even adventurous beginners. Read on to find out how to sew this coat that doubles as a large, comfy cardigan (and check out the buttons I added!). And I just love … Read more

Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer Pattern

you will love Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer PatternBecause it’s an easy crochet project. It’s also a double edged crochet headband and a great gift idea! The best thing about this style is the beautiful twist in the front. How to get this crochet pattern: Option 1: Scroll down to see our free crochet pattern ⬇️ … Read more

Branching Out – A Block A Week

This started with an email, and a rather grainy photo of a few quilt blocks from the 1930s. The blocks were in a pale blue shade, perhaps aqua, but it was enough to give Susan an idea. And to pull out the fabrics shown for a quilt. Susan? Susan Ashe, acclaimed author and quilter, is … Read more