So Long, Marlalong & Swarfalong!

Hello dear knitters!

We’ve hit a major milestone this week: the official finish of our double knit boots for the stunning, embellished Cecelia Campochiaro designs featured in MDK Field Guide #19: Marls.

I hasten to note that like all good gems, there is no actual end. It’s not a race. Take the time you want to finish your projects, and please keep posting them where you choose, be it Instagram, MDK Lounge or We will continue to search for your Marlalong projects and share them with the world.

Here’s a clear recap: Knives enjoy Cecilia’s approach to flexible knitting in this field guide. I can’t remember many knitters turning to a second project once they pulled out of the first. Me, Christina, and Ashley certainly aren’t the only ones who have discovered the joy of combining colors in masterpieces of marble, and have wanted to ride that ride again.

Let’s take a tour!

There were so many great projects to showcase that we had to use Cristina’s strong Canva skills to make some collages.

Pleasure your eyes! Then treat your needle! All threads for these beautiful projects are available at the MDK Shop.

Spectra jacket

The Knitters really took to the unusual build of the Spectra Sweater, and accepted the call to be daring with their marl.

Examples: Spectra Sweater WIPS by KarenGrace and Sharleo


It is a jacket-like scarf when worn with a jacket. (In other words: It’s my dick, but it’s long, sleek, and up to date.)

To fulfill the Swarfs (Swarves?) and celebrate Dickie’s year (as we’ve announced before), Swarf has got his very own mini Knitalong: Swarfalong. This is lightning-fast knitting, and perfect for lounging at the end of the day or riding in the car, train or bus. No seams, no picking up stitches – a pure fun ride that feels good on your neck.

The star of Swarf is the yarn: Woolfolk’s Tynd, a specially developed merino that shares the number of microns with cashmere. Tynd comes in a palette so rich and subtle that it’s impossible to make a wrong marl.

And guess what: We just restocked the popular Swarf bundle, which is available in four colors. Get your own Swarf Fasteners at 10 percent off the bundle, while supplies last.

Swarfs by mollgillister, Lmills, redheadedsusie, Mfilareckie, and mardegull

Marlogogram scarf / hoodie

Is there anything more fun than watching the beautiful Tina Whitmore Ombré Merino Lace change colors as you knit? Yes – you wear two strips of those changing colors, watching the colors change in a kind of tango. It’s charming, and the resulting scarf or hoodie (the only difference between the two is the short stitching at the end) is a beautifully soft accessory.

Marlogograms are playful knits, when your eyes are bright, tails are bushy, and chock-full of caffeine. This chain knitting stitch pattern reminded us that it’s possible to fiddle with counting up to ten, but it rewarded us with hanging it with a unique textured texture.

Marlogram WIPs and Fos by Elizblock, Lynda, currie4, jennyellen, Meganc

throw a color blast

If a knitalong was a runway fashion show, throwing an explosion of color would be the wedding dress. It is a viewing platform that sails right above the summit.

Lord, do you love knitting this pattern! Knitting is simple and intuitive, at a comfortable large scale, and is never too entertaining. You’re knitting Marl and you’re eager to hook up the next, and the next one after that, and before you know it, Netflix asks you, “Would you like to continue watching?” – For the fourth time.

While a lot of knitters went with our Color Explosion Throw bundle (should we add more color lanes?) – there were also people digging deep into their Felted Tweed sets, sewing from other yarns, like Ann’s freestylin’ Mohonk Light version .

It’s a fun way to crochet. Anne is on her second blast (what’s wrong with her!) – and she’s worried she’s nearing the end again. I can’t stop / I won’t stop knitting at its best.

Exploring an explosion of color by marykatherine, longkat, lguilders, lucy.fleming, kendal711, courtney, mmouse15, plhollingsworth, silvana29 and bewareofknitter

Oh, prizes!

The main reason we’re announcing the official end of Knitalong is to award prizes! The two final winners chosen at random are: Longkat and MeganC! We’ll send each of them a Knitter’s Pride Self-Love Interchangeable Needle Kit, courtesy of the kind folks at Knitter’s Pride.

self love Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Needle Set

We look forward to shipping out these beauties, with a special thanks to Knitter’s Pride.

Grab a handful of eye candy! At the bottom of the MDK homepage (scroll down!) you’ll find the Marlalong Projects Color Queen contest for inspiration and joy. Remember to tag your MDK purchases and projects #mymdk on Instagram. We love rework!

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