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This “Summer Fun Cardi” crochet pattern is super fun to make and is breathable and lightweight! You can see the free pattern below (scroll down), or you can choose to purchase the printable on Etsy here.

It’s so chic to style summer and spring tops because this time of year gives way to lace, cotton yarn, and lighter projects. If you like lighter weight yarns, this is definitely your time of year! I like good yarn, but it’s good to work with something different now and then. 🙂 And when I see open stitching like this, I also love the lighter yarn!

One of the things I enjoy about this summer cardigan is that the basic is still very fashionable. There is literally no difficulty shaping with this cardigan, so once you get the pattern, it’s super easy. And the roomy, boxy size makes it a great cover up for the beach or pool, too.

You can easily make this cardigan longer or shorter. By the way, we have a lot of wildflowers this summer. I love him! any other person?

The large, airy stitches on this top make it stand out in my opinion. You may remember the Lil Sedona Shrug Crochet pattern, which had a similar stitch pattern. If Lil Sedona Shrug and Breckenridge Topper had a child, that would be it. Ha! The perfect combination of pattern and stitch for summer.

Many of you have mentioned that you love summer T-shirts, but want your arms to have some coverage. This one has you covered. 🙂

It’s very breathable but still gives you some good coverage. This style will work with either light #3 yarn or heavy #4 yarn, in my opinion.

The other great thing about “Summer Fun Cardigan” is that it’s easy to transport. Once you’re done making it, it’s very easy to roll up and put in your purse or bag for cool evenings or an air-conditioned restaurant.

Here in Colorado we seem to have gone from the hot desert heat to the cold winter in a matter of days. Such wild temperature fluctuations! Gotta keep some handmade cardigans, right?!

Tired of using cream color? haha! I can’t help it! If you see my home and bedroom, you’ll see that I can’t get enough of this color. It’s comfortable, warm, light and goes with everything. But, can you imagine how cute this would be in a bright summer color? Those with cool colors – you can be bold and make this in a very fun summer shade.

And did I mention Comfy Cotton still tops my list for summer yarns? It’s not great, it stays on hook or needles, and it’s soft on the skin. It has become for me. (See Cottage Blanket crochet pattern or Breckenridge Knit Topper Pattern here.)

How do we crochet this summer cardigan?

It’s so easy! You’ll start with an aa chain and work your stitching pattern up and make a rectangular back panel. Next you’ll split the stitches evenly to work two front panels, from top to bottom. You’ll then fold the two boards down, connect the sides, and boom! You have a cardigan. Look at the diagrams below to get a better view of how to make them.

Is it easy to crochet?

This isn’t the easiest pattern for me ever, but if you’re comfortable with counting stitches and working in the blanks, you should be fine! I would say it’s easy/medium. It is not for beginners as it can be frustrating for a total novice. 🙂 Just practice counting, double crochet stitches and some combinations, and come here again!

If you’re interlacing, it’s very similar (here) in that it’s the same cut and shape. They also use the same threads! It’s kind of like Mama’s Summer Fun Cardi crochet pattern.

Should we go to him?

The free pattern is below, or you can choose to purchase the ad-free, printable version on Etsy HERE.

Mamas Maker members, get your printable copy of the member library here.

Style Description: An oversized, comfy kimono cardigan that takes you from summer days to starry nights. Made of lightweight yarn, this “throw and go” piece is light and easy to make. With a simple boho look, lace is enough to keep you interested while still being simple and fun to crochet. The bonus is that it is made in one piece and flanked on both sides.

skill level: Average


US Size J, 6.0mm crochet hook

2 (3, 3, 4) Lion Brand Yarn Comfy Cotton Lightweight #3 Yarns in whipped cream 200 g/skein

The pattern uses about 375g (429g, 522g, 604g)

tape measure

needle texture



Small, Medium, Large, XL

Please follow the key throughout the pattern according to the size you are sewing:

S (M, L, XL)

Bust circumference (approximate final measurements):

(Note that there is a positive The easy-model wears a size Small with a 32″ bust and 5’5″)

S – 50 “

M – 54 inches

L – 58 inch

XL – 62 inches

Length (approximate):

S – 20 inches

M – 22 inches

L – 24 inch

XL – 26 inches

Shortcuts and skills:

the chapter – series

Capital – double hook

Corona – skips

Corona St – skip stitch

dc cl or 2dc cl – Double crochet block (2 dc in 1 st)

s – Void

St – stitch

sts – stitches

Note that the dc cl was running between 2 dc cl from the previous row.


Approximately 6 dc groups (12 six total) and 7 rows by 4″ x 4″


This top was worked in one piece and welded. You’ll crochet the back panel from bottom to top, then split the stitches to open the neck and continue working for the two front panels, top to bottom. The panels are then folded down and the sides screwed to the end (see schematic for more visual help on what they look like).

Summer Cardi Crochet Fun Style Instructions

back panel

Episode 76 (84, 92, 100)

grade 1 DC on 4th ch from hook (1st dc cl made), *sk st, dc cl in next st; Repeat from * through row 74 (82, 90, 98) sts

Class 2 ch 3 (calculated as dc st here and throughout the pattern), in turn, dc in the last dc cl sp of the previous row (dc cl made), * dc cl in next dc cl sp; Repeat from * through row 74 (82, 90, 98) sts

Grades 3-4 repeat row 2

grade 5 Ch 3, turn, dc in last dc cl sp from previous row, *ch 2, sk next dc cl, dc cl in next dc cl sp; Repeat from * across the row.

grade 6 Ch 3, turn, dc in dc cl sp (dc cluster made), *2dc in ch2 sp, dc cl in next dc cl sp; Repeat from * across the row.

Grades 7-10 Repeat Rows 5 and 6 two more times in this order

Grades 11-18 repeat row 2

Grades 19 – 36 Repeat Rows 5 and 6

Size S, continue to the front panel section.

For the other sizes, repeat rows 5, 6, and 0 (1, 2, 3) additional times. You will work on 0 (2, 4, 6) additional rows to finish the final iteration.

You can choose to crochet more rows to add length to your shrug (consider your yarn needs and remember to add length to the front panels too)

Next, you’ll split the stitches to work on two separate front panels.

*Note: If you are having a hard time splitting the panels, you can choose to make separate front panels and attach them to the back panel. Your panels will be a little narrower, but you’ll achieve the same look. Chain 36 (40, 44, 48) and follow the pattern for the backboard to make the front panels (make 2).

If you choose to split stitches to avoid closure, keep crocheting…

Front Panel (You will work a set number of stitches on each side to form the two separate front panels). Each panel is worked on more than half of the stitches. See the diagrams at the end of the form to help visualize what it would look like.

Grades 1-14 (16, 18, 20) Repeat Rows 5 through 6 working across 38 (42, 46, 50) stitches only (mark stitches if necessary)

Next, repeat Row 2 until the front panel is as long as the back panel.

Fasten and weave at the ends.

Repeat the front panel pattern to make the second front panel start at Same stitch as the last stitch for the first front panel (on small 38y st for example) This is important in order for the stitch count to run correctly!

assemble and solicit

Fold the front panels down over the back panel. Using a simple whip stitch stitch, sew the sides while leaving plenty of room (about 9 inches) for the arm holes. If you have made separate back and front panels, sew the shoulders and sides.


Pick up the yarn in the lower bottom corner of the front panel. a job two Rows of half double crochet through the front loop along the entire collar. Work from one end, all the way around the neck to the other corner of the second front panel.

Bottom sharpening

Pick up yarn and work three Rows of half double crochet through the front loop along the entire bottom edge of the top.

Fasten and weave on all sides! Enjoy!


I hope you liked this summer project, my friends. 🙂 It’s a great time of the year to go out with our leads and loved ones.

By the way, if that sounds a little scary, you can check out Vail Topper here. It is much simpler!

I had a fun week!



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